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we're your friendly local bike shop in Farnham

Walton on Thames

we're your friendly local bike shop in Walton on Thames

Where it began

East Street Cycles journey began long before our doors opened in the Summer of 2004. In reality it began with me hanging out as a customer in shops in the suburbs of London near where I grew up. I was so lucky to be part of the late eighties MTB boom and even luckier to land my first job in a shop that sold some very sought after brands at the time. I was a bike shop journeyman learning the ropes as I went and working across many different stores before moving out of London and starting East Street Cycles in Farnham. At the start it was myself and one full time employee and a bit of a rota on Saturdays cajoling friends into helping out.

Summer 2005

In late Summer of 2005 I added what was Walton Cycles  (a shop I’d Managed previously) renaming it East Street Cycles, Walton on Thames. With a core group of employees that share a passion for two wheels, both shops flourished. I also count myself incredibly lucky to have a loyal band of customers across two communities who have continued to support my business. We have a superb selection of products across our two outlets and almost all products are available from suppliers with 24-48 hours. As a full service shop I’m proud to say we have great guys working in our workshops keeping our customers bikes running perfectly. Come visit us..

Happy Cycling
Gary Bird