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Why everyone needs an eBike

Cannondale Moterra eBike
The popularity of eBikes has increased dramatically over recent years and the potential benefits of e-bikes make it clear why they are the new must have. If you are popping down to the shop or shredding trails, e-bikes exist in a huge variety of styles and configurations so just like true love, there is an e-bike out there for everyone.

Give yourself a boost!

Forget about that morning coffee to get you going, an eBike’s pedal assist will help you effortlessly pedal through the streets, so you arrive at work on time and refreshed. Still fancy a workout? Turn down the pedal assist and reap the rewards of further positive health benefits associated with cycling.

Explore new territories

An eBike will provide you with unparalleled access to places previously considered unreachable on your regular bicycle.

Non polluting and economical

After the initial cost of your eBike, it will become a highly economical mode of transport. At just 5-10 pence per charge, you will no longer be burning fuel and money unlike drivers stuck in traffic. For comparison, the average petrol car costs 14 pence per mile compared to an e-bike at just 0.13 pence per mile. For shorter journeys not only will your body thank you for the fresh air, but your wallet will also.

Which eBike is for me?

There are a few things to consider when choosing an e-bike. Often the first thing to consider is the type of riding you’ll be doing. Off road, trails or the towpath? Consider wider tires with tread to improve grip on disjointed surfaces, disc brakes for ultimate stopping power and front forks with suspension to smooth out the bumps in the road. Looking to get to work or just enjoy using the cycle paths? Look for narrower tyres to increase your pedalling efficiency, a rear rack to load up your shopping or work gear and low maintenance roller brakes or hydraulic disc brakes for stress free cycling with consistent braking in all conditions.

After identifying the main type of riding you do, consider your budget. Your budget will influence the motor and battery on your e-bike. A larger initial investment may pay dividends in the long run when considering the quality of the components plus the capacity and longevity of the battery packs. Cheaper battery packs will not be able to take you as far, provide as many charge cycles and potentially suffer further in cold environments.

The motors and batteries you’ll find on eBikes at East Street Cycles come from either Bosch or Shimano. Both systems place the motor between the crank arms and batteries can be either attached to a rear rack or to the bike frame itself. According to your riding style and the riding conditions, the battery will dictate the range you can travel with the power assist activated.

The eBikes you’ll find at our stores come complete with high quality specifications and further accommodations can be made to meet your demands and budget. We can guarantee that regardless of your age, riding style and cycling needs, an e-bike will open up your world, bring you lots of fun and put a massive smile on your face!

What range can I get from an eBike battery?

e-bike battery range

There are a few variables to consider but mostly boils down to 3 main variables. The first and probably the most obvious being the power mode you use. For example, with Bosh, the Eco mode can deliver up to 130km on one charge, with the Turbo mode delivering up to 53km on a single charge.

Shimano Step has a similar range depending on the mode you use. High Mode is up to 60km, Normal Mode is up to 85km and their Eco mode delivers up to 125km

Other factors can include the weather. For example the colder it is, the more quickly the battery will drain. Also the terrain and ground you ride on. The flatter and smoother the ride, the battery will last longer, but the hillier and rougher, for example riding off road in mud, the battery will run out quicker. Bosh as a great page with more details about the range their eBike batteries can last.

The final variable is the choice of your battery size. This option is quite unique with Trek and especially with their UM1+ range, where you have a choice of 300wh, 4oowh and 500wh batteries increasing your range up to 220km on one charge.

Currently in-store at Walton

Trek Um1+

Both the Mens and Womens Um1+ are currently in stock at Walton

Key Features

  • Ultimate Utility: City proof and ready to roll
  • Lightweight aluminium frame with smooth welds
  • Front and rear Easy-to-maintain Shimano roller brakes
  • Different levels of assistance: Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo
  • Bosch Motor: Silent and reliable producing 40Nm of Torque to easily get you around town.
  • Battery Pack: In store, we currently have the 300Wh battery installed. You can expect an approximate range of 130km if you average 15kph with this battery. However, if you want to go further you can upgrade to the mid-capacity 400Wh battery or the 500Wh for ultimate ranges of approximately 220km.

Cannondale Quick Neo Tourer

Both the Mens and Womens are currently in stock at Walton.

Top Features

  • Cannondale’s legendary advanced aluminium design reduces frame weight. The NEO features SmartForm C2 alloy with smooth welds, internal cable routing to give a clean look and a seamlessly integrated drive unit.
  • Confident handling and enhanced SAVE micro suspension comfort features built into the frame design. SAVE is designed to soak up the buzz and vibration of the road, reducing fatigue whilst you cycle.
  • A comfortable balance between upright comfort And forward leaning efficiency.
  • Easy to read display – A high contrast display features standard bike computer functions so you can keep track of your speed and distance, whilst keeping check of your gear, battery and range indicators.
  • Shimano motor: Shimano’s STEPS E6000 Drive unit provides smooth, natural-feeling assist and plenty of power in a lightweight and quiet running system. The STEPS system comes with many impressive functions such as walk assist and easy start to help transportation of the bike when walking it by employing the motor up to 6kph. Easy start mode will shift the bike automatically to a lower gear to ensure you get pedalling again as easily as possible.
  • Shimano Long life battery. Provides ample power even after 1000 recharges. Supports year round riding in all conditions – handles hot and cold weather with ease making it perfect for year round commuting.
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Apparently Riding to Work is the quickest way to get fit

Riding to work is healthy


A new study conducted at the University of Copenhagen shows that inactive people can lose fat mass just as effectively by riding their bike to work than by exercising in their leisure time. It is a time-effective solution if you want to be physically active, but lead a busy everyday life, the researchers say.

Jump on your bike and enjoy the morning ride to work. You can lose fat mass just as effectively and fast by starting to take your bike to work as by exercising in a fitness centre. This is the conclusion reached by researchers from the Department of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen in a study that has just been published in the scientific journal International Journal of Obesity.

‘This is good news for the many people who may not have the time or inclination to join a fitness centre because they also have to pick up their children and cook dinner after work. Our results show that it is possible to combine transport to and from work with effective physical exercise’, says Professor and Head of Department Bente Stallknecht.

The Tell-Tale Heart Rate Monitor

The study involved 130 people with a BMI of 25-35 kg/m2. A criterion for participating in the study was they were not too active or muscular based on a series of parameters like body fat percentage, maximum oxygen uptake and level of physical activity.

The participants were divided into four groups of which one had to ride the bike to and from work. Two other groups had to do physical exercise five times a week, one at high intensity, the other at moderate intensity. The last group could make no changes and thus function as the control group.

The groups that cycled and were physically active during their leisure time burned the same amount of calories a week during these activities; only the intensity and form of physical exercise varied. Throughout the test – using the heart rate monitors, among other things – the researchers checked that the participants met the requirements and did the physical exercise they were asked to do.

Cycling Works

After six months all groups, except for the control group, had less fat mass. The fat mass had been reduced by 4.5 kg (compared to the control group) in the group doing high-intensity leisure time exercise, by 2.6 kg in the group doing moderate-intensity leisure time exercise and by 4.2 kg in the group riding the bike to work. The difference between the three physically active groups was only statistically significant between the two groups doing leisure time exercise.

‘All forms of physical exercise are better than the control group, but high-intensity exercise is statistically better than moderate-intensity exercise. And riding your bike to and from work is at least as effective a means for reducing fat mass as exercising during your leisure time’, says Research Assistant Jonas Salling Quist from the Department of Biomedical Sciences who participated as a PhD student and author of the study.

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Book Your Winter Bike Inspection Today

Winter Bike Inspection

Here at East Street Cycles, we understand the importance of keeping your bike in tip-top condition. As we’re in the grips of winter, it’s even more important to make sure your bike is in a roadworthy condition. Our Winter Bike Inspection will make sure your brakes are adjusted, so you can stop safely in wet weather. We’ll also adjust the gears making sure they change smoothly and run smoothly. We’ll also pump up your tyres and inspect them for cuts and remove any debris embedded into the tread.

What does the Winter Bike Inspection include?

Winter Bike Inspection point oneInspect and adjust gears: First of all, we’ll check the wear and tear of your chain, cassette and the chainrings on the chainset. If these parts are within the wear limits we’ll adjust them and where required oil the chain and lubricate the derailleurs. If these parts are worn beyond their maximum wear we’ll advise you to replace these parts with an estimated cost.
Winter Bike Inspection point twoInspect and adjust brakes: We’ll inspect the brake pads for wear and tear and the smoothness of the brake cables. If your brakes are hydraulic we’ll  inspect the fluid to make sure it’s not contaminated. If any of the parts are worn beyond their limits, we’ll call you with an estimate to replace these parts.
Winter Bike Inspection point threeCheck wheels and tyres: Here, there are four areas we check. The first is to make sure the wheel is true and none of the spokes are broken, the second is to check the braking surface are within their wear limits. Thirdly, check the hubs and see if the bearings are running smoothly. Finally, check the tyres are not worn and they are inflated to their recommended pressure.
Winter Bike Inspection point fourTighten all bolts: Our final step to completing the Winter Inspection is to tighten all the nuts and bolts to their specific torque, tighten the headset and bottom bracket if there is any play. Finally, we’ll make sure the stem is in line with the wheel and also adjust the quick releases in the wheels.

When inspecting your bike, we may come across parts which require replacement to make your bike roadworthy. In these cases, we’ll let you know the cost of the parts and any extra labour we may need to charge to fit them. Of course, you don’t have to go ahead with this but have the knowledge that the parts will need replacing with your next service.

Do I need to pre-book for the Winter Bike Inspection?

Normally the answer is yes. We have limited slots per day for the Winter Bike Inspection. It’s best to either contact our Farnham or Walton on Thames branches and book in advance. We’re always happy to help and where possible we may be able to accept your bike on the spot.

 What other bike services do you provide?

We have a wide range of services starting from £40.00. Our most popular is the General Service and the General Service plus degrees. These start at £60.00 and increase depending if any part may need replacing. Clicking this link takes you to our service page where you can book your service online.

We can repair and service any brand of bike and easily handle all types of repairs. You can contact us if you require a specific repair. Also, our experienced mechanics have all the latest tools to carry out any work required.

When do you run this promotion?

Usually from the 1st December to the last day in February.

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What makes a Daytime Running Light?

What makes a Daytime Running Light?


Cycling has taken some of its best cues from the automotive industry. We can thank cars and motorcycles for suspension and disc brakes, for instance. These days, cars come as standard with Daytime Running Lights are less likely to be involved in a collision. Applying this logic to bikes is a no-brainer.

But not all lights are created equal. Even lights designed for superior brightness may not be particularly effective during daylight hours. A true Daytime Running Light has a specific focus, flash and range. Without these three things, you just have a light.


Daytime Running Light focus

By controlling the light output, the beam can be intensified and its range extended. Without focus, a light may appear bright, but will not be as detectable during the day.

Day Flash
Daytime Running Light flash pattern

Most rear lights use a steady flashing pattern. However, Bontrager’s DRL continually varies the intensity and pattern, making you more visible to other road users.


Daytime Running Light RangeA daytime running light needs to be visible from at least 400 m, or a quarter of a mile, away. A shorter distance does not give ample time for drivers to react.



To the none believers

Research shows that cars with Daytime Running Lights have seen a 25% decrease in collisions (Paine, et al. 2006). Motorcycle collisions have been reduced by 13% (Paine, et al. 2006). And bike collisions are significantly reduced by as much as 33% (Madsen, et al. 2013).

OK, you’ve got me. What lights do I need?

Well depending on where you ride the most can require different lights. If you’re riding and commuting around town we would recommend Bontrager’s Flare R City for the rear and Ion 100 R or the brighter Ion 350 R up front. Or click this link to see the full range of Daytime Running Lights.

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Where will your bike take you in 2016?

Last year was not a big riding year for me, apart from a little trip to Bike Park Wales, it was all the regular local rides and commutes. I went backpacking in Asia over the summer, don’t get me wrong it was the trip of a lifetime but I did miss my bikes.

Lets round up 2015 anyway;

Favourite Road Ride: Has to be the ride from Farnham To Mudeford that my girlfriend and I did in May.

A chilly arrival at Avon Beach.
A chilly arrival at Avon Beach.


Favourite MTB ride: A couple of days spent in Bike Park Wales. I’m a sucker for a good downhill day.


Pats Muddy Remedy
BPW was properly wet and muddy.

Favourite Bike: Has to be my Trek Remedy. It’s such a versatile bike, I’ve ridden everything on it from local bridleway loops to spending a season in New Zealand lapping a bike park.

Favourite product: My SPD’s are up there. Whether on the road or off, they keep my feet where they need to be.

2015 was also the first year I tried riding in a proper skate park. Yes, the foam pit is as much fun as it looks!


Moving on into 2016….. Plenty of really cool looking bikes to salivate over, new riding locations to discover and some big news! (For me anyway) I’ve really caught the travelling bug and after such great experiences in New Zealand and Asia I’m of to Canada! Whistler BC to be exact.  Sorry to the roadies reading but it will be a Mountain Bike paradise.

What adventures do you have planned over the next 12 months? Where will your bike take you? Share your best adventure pictures and videos with us via Facebook. We’d love to see what you’re up to.

We hope to regain a bit of momentum with our Monday night MTB rides through the winter months. Every Monday night, 18:30 from the shop. We’re looking for new routes too, so anyone willing to take the lead is welcome. I’m sure many of you will be looking to burn off that Christmas excess. Don’t join a gym come with us, it’s free! 🙂


More Adventures from the staff of East St Cycles.

Danny from the workshop. Loved his trip to Croatia but remembers this particular day for the wrong reasons!

Danny Croatia
The rain came down hard soon after this was taken.


More to come…

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It’s Christmas Time!

Don’t panic!

Less than a week to go, but don’t worry, we’re here for you all the way up to Christmas. We’re also open between Christmas and New Year.

Even if you think you’ve left it too late, call us anyway and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Christmas Opening Hours





If we don’t see you, Merry Christmas from the Team here at East St Cycles!