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Daytime Running Light

What makes a Daytime Running Light?


Cycling has taken some of its best cues from the automotive industry. We can thank cars and motorcycles for suspension and disc brakes, for instance. These days, cars come as standard with Daytime Running Lights are less likely to be involved in a collision. Applying this logic to bikes is a no-brainer.

But not all lights are created equal. Even lights designed for superior brightness may not be particularly effective during daylight hours. A true Daytime Running Light has a specific focus, flash and range. Without these three things, you just have a light.


Daytime Running Light focus

By controlling the light output, the beam can be intensified and its range extended. Without focus a light may appear bright, but will not be as detectable during the day.

Day Flash
Daytime Running Light flash pattern

Most rear lights use a steady flashing pattern. However, Bontrager’s DRL continually varies the intensity and patter, making you more visible to other road users.


Daytime Running Light RangeA daytime running light needs to be visible from at least 400 m, or quarter of a mile, away. A shorter distance does not give ample time for drivers to react.



To the none believers

Research show that cars with Daytime Running Lights have seen a 25% decrease in collisions (Paine, et al. 2006). Motorcycle collisions have been reduced by 13% (Paine, et al. 2006). And bike collisions are significantly reduced by as much as 33% (Madsen, et al. 2013).

OK you’ve got me, what lights do I need?

Well depending where you ride the most can require different lights. If you’re riding and commuting around town we would recommend Bontrager’s Flare R City for the rear and Ion 100 R or the brighter Ion 350 R up front. If however, you are out on the open road we’d suggest the much brighter Flare R and Ion 800 R. Or click this link to see the full range of Daytime Running Lights.

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Where will your bike take you in 2016?

Last year was not a big riding year for me, apart from a little trip to Bike Park Wales, it was all the regular local rides and commutes. I went backpacking in Asia over the summer, don’t get me wrong it was the trip of a lifetime but I did miss my bikes.

Lets round up 2015 anyway;

Favourite Road Ride: Has to be the ride from Farnham To Mudeford that my girlfriend and I did in May.

A chilly arrival at Avon Beach.
A chilly arrival at Avon Beach.


Favourite MTB ride: A couple of days spent in Bike Park Wales. I’m a sucker for a good downhill day.


Pats Muddy Remedy
BPW was properly wet and muddy.

Favourite Bike: Has to be my Trek Remedy. It’s such a versatile bike, I’ve ridden everything on it from local bridleway loops to spending a season in New Zealand lapping a bike park.

Favourite product: My SPD’s are up there. Whether on the road or off, they keep my feet where they need to be.

2015 was also the first year I tried riding in a proper skate park. Yes, the foam pit is as much fun as it looks!


Moving on into 2016….. Plenty of really cool looking bikes to salivate over, new riding locations to discover and some big news! (For me anyway) I’ve really caught the travelling bug and after such great experiences in New Zealand and Asia I’m of to Canada! Whistler BC to be exact.  Sorry to the roadies reading but it will be a Mountain Bike paradise.

What adventures do you have planned over the next 12 months? Where will your bike take you? Share your best adventure pictures and videos with us via Facebook. We’d love to see what you’re up to.

We hope to regain a bit of momentum with our Monday night MTB rides through the winter months. Every Monday night, 18:30 from the shop. We’re looking for new routes too, so anyone willing to take the lead is welcome. I’m sure many of you will be looking to burn off that Christmas excess. Don’t join a gym come with us, it’s free! 🙂


More Adventures from the staff of East St Cycles.

Danny from the workshop. Loved his trip to Croatia but remembers this particular day for the wrong reasons!

Danny Croatia
The rain came down hard soon after this was taken.


More to come…

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It’s Christmas Time!

Don’t panic!

Less than a week to go, but don’t worry, we’re here for you all the way up to Christmas. We’re also open between Christmas and New Year.

Even if you think you’ve left it too late, call us anyway and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Christmas Opening Hours





If we don’t see you, Merry Christmas from the Team here at East St Cycles!


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East St Cycles comes blasting into the 21st century!

What is this internet you speak of? Can it be fixed with a hammer?

Ok, so we’re a little behind with times but look, our new website is here! At East St Cycles we’ve been working hard gathering together some top brands which we are now excited to announce are available to you online. The internet wizards will also let you know what is in stock in store as well as warehouse availability.

Something that we are especially excited about is our new Click & Collect service! Reserve that dream bike or those must have accessories to pick up when you’re next in town.

Go on have a ganders, let us know what you think.

We are well underway into the 2016 bike season now, with some very exciting machines on offer. On the Road Front, Trek have relaunched their legendary Madone. A sleek and super-fast aero road racer that redefines how comfortable a bike this stiff and fast can be, thanks to Treks ISO Speed decoupler seatpost system. Their mountain bike range is as strong as ever, with some new additions such as the Procaliber and the return of the Top-fuel. Both cross-country rocketships! And not forgetting all those aspiring younger riders out there,  they also have an ever expanding kids range.

The new Madone! Fast, Comfortable, Stealth
The new Madone! Fast, Comfortable, Stealthy


The Fuel Ex Jnr, the Precaliber and the Kids Dual sport.
The Fuel Ex Jnr, the Precaliber and the Kids Dual sport.


Whyte are throwing their weight about with their superb range of trail bikes designed here in the UK for our diverse conditions. With multiple awards won across the range of hardtails and full suspension models this isn’t a brand to be overlooked!

The Amazing T-129S and 905 hardtail.
The Amazing T-129S and 905 hardtail.


We’re ready to take orders and we’re still working on new features and products. We hope to see you online or in store soon.


We’re also on all your favourite social media sites. Follow the link and click ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’.





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Our new website is here!

After a few of months of planning, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new website.

We hope you like our fresh, new look with improved navigation that will help you find items more quickly and easily.

All comments and feedback are welcome. Please also let us know if you cannot find something or need any extra advice – we’d love to hear from you!