Tubeless Sealant and Kits

Are you ready to switch to tubeless tyres? If so, we have the tools right here to help you.

Going tubeless doesn’t need to be a hassle. With the correct tools, tyres and wheels, or conversion kits you’ll be riding tubeless in no time at all.

How to choose a sealant

A good sealant should be able to handle sub zero temperatures as well as scorching heat, be able to work instantly, after all you don’t want to loose to much air pressure from your tubeless tyres. Also, you’ll want the sealant to be able to plug rips as well as pin prick holes. The better the sealant the bigger the hole, cut or rip in the tyre will be able to handle.

All sealants dry up over time, this means having a sealant which doesn’t dry out quickly will require less topping up over time.

Which tubeless sealants do we use, and why?

Over the years we’ve used quite a few brands and to be fair, they all work. However some work better and last longer than others. With experience fitting tubeless tyres to road and mountain bikes we’ve come to the conclusion that Bontrager’s TLR sealant works really well and also Orange Seal. The latter seems to work the best as it seals cuts up to 12mm and doesn’t need as much sealant inside the tyre, which of course save weight.

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Showing all 3 results