Our bike brands and why we stock them

Between our branches we carry a varied range of brands including Whyte Bikes, Cannondale, Trek and Ridgeback.

Whyte Bikes are proudly British, who do the vast amount of their development riding in the same, often grim, conditions as you and me. Maybe thats why Whyte have hugely favourable reviews in all the magazines.

Cannondale have been around since 1971, but did you know they started out as an outdoor gear company? Luckily for us they changed directions and started making bikes. Who can remember the Super V? It was one of the first full suspension bikes on the market. Also during the mid 90’s Cannondale launched with Volvo the most influential and successful MTB teams in history. 11 World Championships, 17 World Cup titles, 16 National Championships, 89 World Cup wins and 33 NORBA wins. Cannondale is a company that never stands still and is always looking for something new or a way to make something lighter, stronger and faster.

Trek. In 1976, two partners, Dick Burke and Bevil Hogg, set out to make the world’s greatest bicycle frames. It was an audacious endeavour, but it was grounded in clear principles: the product would be of the highest-quality craftsmanship, it would be manufactured in the United States and it would bring the joy and adventure of cycling to a broader audience. As we move forward 40 years you’ll find Trek still work to these values.

As you can see we like to pick the best bike brands. Not only that, between every member of staff at East Street Cycles, you’ll find us riding one of these brands. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have, so pop in have a browse and choose your next bike from us.

Showing 1–12 of 295 results

Showing 1–12 of 295 results