Commuter & Urban Bikes

These are the go to bikes for commuting to work. Riding to and from work, has many health benefits and can be quicker than driving or taking the bus or train. Commuting bikes borrow robust elements of mountain bikes, with the lightness and quick handling responsiveness of road bikes. These create a bike that is comfortable to ride and robust.

In the same way as making great bikes riding to work, they’re also perfect for weekend rides with your family and friends.  However if you would prefer a bike with added suspension for more comfort, then our hybrid range of bikes may be more suitable.

Which type should I choose?

Like our other bike ranges, there are sub-divisions. As you’re looking around, you’ll see some of these resemble road bikes. Flat Bar Road Bikes are just as quick to ride and have a more relax riding position.

Commuting Bikes are not as fast, however, they’re more forgiving to ride. The wider tyres reduce vibration coming through the frame and also provide more grip when your riding along dirt tracks.

Urban Bikes. Cannondale’s Fat Boy range wins here, hand down. They have made a bike which fits neatly between commuting and hybrid bikes. The 650b wheels allow a wider and taller tyre compared to commuting bikes. In short this doesn’t compromise speed, whilst offering more comfort and grip.

Showing 1–12 of 30 results

Showing 1–12 of 30 results