Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

You’ll find Full Suspension Mountain Bikes divide into different categories depending on the amount of front and rear suspension they have. A good rule of thumb to follow, when choosing your style of full suspension bike is by the discipline you ride the most.

OK. Which one should I choose?

Cross Country

If cross country riding is your disciple, then bikes with 100mm of travel would be a good starting point to look at. for example, check out Trek’s Top Fuel and Cannondale’s Scalpel for superb choice of bikes. These are generally the lightest full suspension mountain bikes on the market and you’ll find they’re as easy to ride up hills with more grip and control over rougher terrain compared to a hardtail mountain bike.

Trail Riding

Bikes with suspension between 120mm to 130mm, can be considered trail bikes. The extra suspension allows you to be more aggressive and the extra travel of suspension is more forgiving over technical terrain. British designed Whyte’s T-129 and T-130 are great bikes for British weather. Cannondale’s Habit, plus Trek’s Fuel Ex and Remedy range of bikes offer very good alternatives.

Down Hill

These generally start around 160mm, with Trek’s Session having 200mm up front. Rachel Atherton won the worlds in 2016 on Trek’s Session. Not only that, she won every World Cup race that year! If you spend all your time riding down the side of mountains, then these are the bikes for you.

Whyte’s G-160 range of bikes don’t the same amount of travel, but if you’re finding 200mm is way to much for the terrain you ride down, then the G-160 will your weapon of choice.

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Showing 1–12 of 62 results