Gravel Adventure & Cyclocross Bikes

Gravel Adventure Bikes are an increasingly popular sub-discipline of the road bike.

Here at East Street Cycles, we’re finding Gravel Bikes are becoming popular due to the extra versatility and comfort they offer compared to a road bike. There a few subtle and not so subtle differences between a Gravel and Road bike.

Disc Brakes

The first, they come with disc brakes as standard, which provide more consistence braking over altering terrain and in a variety of weather conditions.

Wider Tyres

The second, wider tyres have more grip and comfort compared to your road bike. A wider tyre has more support too, which requires less air, giving you a smoother ride. Cannondale takes this to the next level with their Slate range of bikes. They have swapped the wheel size to 650b and fitted 42c wide tyres, which give you the same roll-out diameter as a 700x23c wheel for proper road bike speed and with unreal cornering grip, traction and comfort.

Finally, The fit

And probably the most important part of the bike, the geometry. You’ll find most Gravel Adventure bikes come with a longer wheel base and a slacker head angle which provides a more stable ride at higher speeds. All of these are a key factors giving you a ride which will be comfortable and thrilling, either on the road or along the track where your road bike can only dream to be.

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Showing 1–12 of 23 results