Road Bikes

East Street Cycles offer road bikes from the best brands we can get our hands on. They are arguably the most successful amongst different types of bikes. With a huge amount of history and heritage with races like Paris – Roubaix dating back to 1896,  and other world class events like the Tour de France with their first race in 1903, Milan San Remo 1905 and Giro d’Italia in 1905 to name a small handful.  Did you know that road bike racing began as an organised sport back in 1868? And has been part of the Olympic Games since 1896.

Which bike should I choose?

This can depend on a few factors, but essentially you can use any road bike for a given discipline. However some bikes will perform better within it’s discipline. For example, if you’re looking for a bike to race on, then you couldn’t go wrong with either Cannondale’s range of Super Six road bikes or Trek’s offerings of their Madone and Emonda range. With their lower head tubes and longer top tubes, these wouldn’t suit someone who is more into Sportive riding. After all, you wouldn’t want to drive a F1 car to take in the sights!

For Sportive bikes, Trek’s Domane and Cannondale’s Synapes range of road bikes come highly rated. Up to a point, these are just as fast as a pure racing bike and come with a more relaxed riding position, with longer head tubes for higher handle bars and a longer wheel base you’ll be soaking up the miles and finishing the ride with a smile.

Carbon or Alloy?

Well, carbon of course! A well designed carbon frame offers the most comfort and weight saving. However, depending on your budget, carbon may not be the best choice. And don’t worry, because this is where an Alloy frame bike beats a Carbon bike hands down. As a rough guide, alloy bikes cost between one third to half the price of an equivalent carbon bike with the same components. Which means you could spend less money on a alloy road bike and have better components. leaving you more room to buy the extra essentials like pedals and shoes.


With all this being said, there is one aspect I haven’t talked about. The fit. This is the most important part of the whole buying process and getting the perfect fit is where the internet fails. OK, with a few clicks, you can probably find the right sized bike, but there is more to it than that. Does the bike have the right length stem? Is the saddle too narrow or wide? What about it’s position over the bottom bracket? And is the saddle height set correctly? Do the bars feel comfortable?

These can only truly be answered in store.

However, if you have already popped in and we’ve helped you choose your bike, Or you know what you’re after, and we’re closed, or you cant get in before the weekend, then please order through our website and we’ll get your new road bike ready as quickly as possible for you.

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Showing 1–12 of 93 results