Hybrid Bike Tyres

Hybrid bike tyres have to cope with changing riding surfaces with ease. They need to be fast rolling, for minimum drag when riding on smooth surfaces. Also hybrid tyres need to offer grip when riding on loose terrain like designated toe paths, bridleways and tracks.

A good hybrid bike tyre will have plenty of puncture resistance. After all, who wants to repair a puncture during a ride, or worse still, phone home for a lift. Having a tread pattern which gives you low rolling resistance will allow you to ride faster, plus being able to offer grip when riding along dirt tracks is also required.

Our selection of hybrid bike tyres will either offer all of the above or a selection on them. If you are looking for puncture resistant tyres, Bontrager’s Hard-Case and Hard-Case Lite tyres are a sure bet.

Don’t forget, we can fit them too.

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Showing all 1 result